Benefits of Using Garbage Disposal – Environmental And Personal

As a homeowner, you likely juggle a lot of tasks on a daily basis. The sole responsibilities of owning your home fall directly on your shoulders and there is nobody else out there that is going to be willing to take on their share.

Not only does this consume a lot of time, these responsibilities can be strenuous and a few can be downright stinky. Unfortunately, every household has waste and that garbage can lead to a lot of problems, if it is allowed to sit around your home and collect flies.

Benefits Of Using Garbage Disposal

Benefits Of Using Garbage Disposal

You’ll have several options for removing the waste from your home, but many homeowners will agree that the disposer offers the most sanitary, convenient, cost effective solution of all. Within this guide, you’ll discover the benefits of using a garbage disposal.

Plenty Of Convenience

Convenience can sometimes seem unattainable. This is especially true, when you work a strenuous job and work 12 or more hours each and every day. Taking advantage of anything that can help make your life easier is a good idea.

And, the garbage disposal is undoubtedly one of the best ways to do just that. The disposal offers an array of benefits, such as being able to dispose of your trash more rapidly than ever before.

Although it is impossible to get rid of all of your trash through the disposer, it’ll take care of the mass majority and that will help you avoid so many trips to the curb.

Money Savings

You’ll also be able to save a little bit of money, by installing a disposer in your home’s kitchen. Although the appliance will cost a little bit of money upfront, it’ll prove to be a cost effective investment in the long term.

Why? Well, first and foremost, the disposer will give you the ability to get rid of most of your garbage without using garbage bags. Although bags are fairly inexpensive, their cost can add up over a period of time.

When considering a year of buying garbage bags and the rising cost of consumer goods, a disposer could very well save you a few hundred dollars a year.

Cutting Down On Pests


Benefits Of Using Garbage Disposal

Another thing to remember is that pests and insects are attracted to hideous odors. When your food waste is allowed to sit around in your garbage can all day, it’ll begin to attract flies. If the garbage sits even longer, it could very well lead to rats or maggots.

Suffice to say, none of these pests are welcomed guests, so you’ll want to do your best to keep them outside and as far away from your family as possible.

A disposer gives you the ability to rapidly grind up and remove the waste from your home. This will help to cut down on the potential for an infestation.

Can Keep Odors At Bay

While it is true that garbage disposals can become smelly on their own, the odors produced are easily eliminated and far more tolerable than what you would experience with garbage bags.

Allowing your home’s trash to sit inside on those incredibly hot days will foul up the odor of your entire home. Even on the colder days, a stinky garbage bag can turn your home into a nightmare.

Plus, the garbage can itself will eventually begin to take on a foul odor, which will permeate throughout the home. The disposal is better for those that want to maintain a fresh home.

Use Less Plastic

As mentioned above, the disposal gives your household the ability to cut down on the use of garbage bags. This has monetary benefits, but the benefits exceed far beyond money. Plastic can be very harmful to Mother Nature.

In fact, plastic has even led to the develop of the term plastic pollution. Suffice to say, the impact of plastic on the environment is not a pretty sight. Even more frightening is the fact that plastics take a long period of time to fully decompose.

Depending on the specific item in question, the plastic may take anywhere from 50 years to 600 years to degrade.

By cutting down on the plastic bags, you’ll be able to stop sending so much plastic to the landfill and this will help Mother Nature.

Free Up Landfills

Sending your food waste to the landfill is the most common way for US consumers to dispose of their trash. This has led to a very serious problem. States throughout the country are running out of space for their debris and nobody knows where to put it.

The disposal is a solid remedy for this particular problem, since it helps to prevent so much waste from being transported to these locations.

Instead, the disposal grinds up the waste and ships it directly to a waste treatment center. There, the waste will be turned into something useful, such as fertilizer and compost.

Greenhouse Emissions

If food wastes are not disposed of properly, it will produce a high quantity of greenhouse emissions. Methane gases in particular have been linked to climate change. The only way to reduce the amount of greenhouse emissions produced is proper recycling.

There are several ways that the average citizen can participate in this effort and that is by using garbage disposals and composters. These products will breakdown food, paper, and yard debris in a way that prevents the production of greenhouse emissions.

Garbage disposals are capable of grinding food waste down to a pulpy consistency, so it can safely be flushed down the drain and into the sewage system. Composters offer a safe place of refuge for all of your household waste.

Of course, you must turn and water the waste several times a week, in order for the composting process to work properly.


At the end of the day, there are few negatives associated with the use of a disposal. On the flipside, the benefits are enormous and using one of these products will help you, others, and the environment.

A disposal can prove to be cost effective, convenient, and may very well change the world. When a disposal has been installed properly and is used only as intended, it can serve you and your family for ten years or longer.

With the benefits provided, consumers will find that disposals can make an incredibly wise investment in the long and short term.