Best Garbage Disposal Reviews of 2018

There are many consumers throughout the world that have never utilized a garbage disposal. Some simply do not see the purpose, while others simply sit their garbage outside and allow it to be collected by a collection company. This home appliance is specifically designed to grind up a household’s trash and condense it down to the lowest from, before it is sent to the septic tank. Although the answer is fairly simple, there are numerous characteristics, which set these appliances apart from one another.

best garbage disposal

As a homeowner, it is pertinent to weigh the price, power, durability, and warranty of one disposer to the next, before making your purchase. Only through comprehensive research will you be able to narrow down your options and eventually purchase the best garbage disposal for your home.

In the comparison table below, I took time to review the top rated sink garbage disposal units.  We will be writing in-dept reviews on the following items in the table soonest.

Product NamesHorse PowerVoltageItem Weight 
Waste King Legend Series (L-2600)1/2 HP115 volts9.9 pounds
InSinkErator Evolution Excel1.0 HP120 volts25.5 pounds
Kitchen Aid KCDB250G Disposal1/2 HPN/A14.2 pounds
Whirlpool GC2000PE 1/2 hp in Sink Disposer0.5 HP115 volts14.1 pounds
InSinkErator Evolution Compact Disposal3/4 HP120 volts19.4 pounds
Waste King Legend Series (L-111)1/3 HP115 volts8.7 pounds
Waste King L-3200 Legend Series3/4 HP115 volts12.3 pounds
InSinkErator Badger 1 Disposal0.3 HP120 volts12.7 pounds

A Look At The History Of Waste Disposals

Garbage disposals were introduced to the public in 1927. During this time, John W. Hammes, who was working as an architect in Wisconsin at the time, created the appliance. He eventually patented the appliance in 1933 and kick started the InSinkErator Company.

Although most people had never heard of a disposal up until that point, it was set to explode and would grow in popularity after its eventual release in 1940. After InSinkErator gained success, several other companies, including GE or General Electric released their own disposer during the same year. During this period of time, the government began placing restrictions on the food waste, which could be flushed down the drain. With a lot of lobbying from InSinkErator, many of these regulations were eventually negated, so the company could begin selling their products and allowing consumers to utilize them in their homes.

This set off a fire and many localities began lifting the bans. Unfortunately, New York City officials remained skeptical and refused to budge. Eventually, the city would come around, but it would take many years and an extensive twenty-one-month research study from the Department of Environmental Protection. Nonetheless, New York City finally lifted the ban in 1997.

As the country has become much more liberal, very little resistance remains. Disposers are commonly utilized throughout the country and are widely considered to be incredibly beneficial. Despite a failed attempt by Raleigh, North Carolina to reinstate a ban in 2008, disposals are widely accepted and most concur that they pose very little threat, if any, to modern sewage systems.

Getting Started

Disposers might seem simplistic in nature, but they’re surprisingly complex. There are numerous differentials to consider and some skepticism still remains. So, it is wise to familiarize yourself with the benefits of these appliances, before moving forward.

Top 5 Kitchen Disposal

#1. Kitchen Aid KCDB250G Continuous Feed Review

Kitchen Aid KCDB250G 1/2 HP Continuous Feed

If you’re looking for an outstanding waste unit, which is convenient in all manners of the word, you’ll definitely want to check out the Kitchen Aid KCDB250G.

This specific disposal is affordable, yet powerful. The unit utilizes a ½ HP motor, which is capable of rotating the blades at 1,725 RPM. This helps to make the disposal idealistic for various purposes. It won’t be able to grind up some tough foods, but these foods will be few and far in between.

Since the unit is continuous feed, it can be used to rapidly grind up your food waste, without any waiting around. It can be used with or without the cover. If you want safety, you can add the cover. However, if you want to dispose of the waste quicker, you can use the disposal without the cover.


  • Very affordable
  • Rapid installation
  • ½ HP turns blades at 1,725 RPM
  • Stainless steel design ensures longevity
  • Equipped with overload protection
  • Connected to an electrical switch

Unfortunately, the Kitchen Aid KCDB250G is slightly louder than some of the alternatives, but this is a minute problem. For the price and thanks to the unit’s power, convenience, and continuous feed, it is truly an excellent value. Just remember that the continuous feed setup is slightly more dangerous and may not be suitable around children.

#2. Whirlpool GC2000PE ½ HP Disposer Review

Whirlpool GC2000PE 1/2 hp in Sink Disposer

Those looking for a barebones, yet very reliable garbage disposal, will want to consider adding the Whirlpool GC2000PE to their arsenals. Whirlpool is widely known for their reliability and immaculate customer support. The GC2000PE exemplifies this.

It features stainless steel swivel impellers. The material has been carefully selected for its incredible longevity and hardiness. Suffice to say, the impellers won’t rust and will maintain their sharp edge for a long period of time. The disposal is equipped with a galvanized steel grinding wheel, as well as a shredder ring.

Although ½ HP is definitely on the lower end of the spectrum, this disposal is surprisingly powerful. It may have a few limitations, but most consumers won’t run into anything that it cannot grind up finely. The unit also features an overload protector, so you won’t have to worry about overfeeding and damaging the disposal.


  • Surprisingly affordable
  • Stainless steel impellers and galvanized steel grinding wheel ensure longevity
  • ½ HP motor should be sufficient for most
  • Overload protector saves unit from unnecessary damage, due to overfeeding
  • Installation isn’t overly complicated
  • Operates very quietly

The Whirlpool GC2000PE is one of the most affordable disposers on the market, but don’t let the price lead you astray. The disposer possesses all of the necessary characteristics that help to deliver a solid performance and an excellent value.

#3. InSinkErator Evolution Compact ¾ Household Review

InSinkErator Evolution Compact 3/4 HP Household

If you are in the market for a new disposal, you need to check out the InSinkErator Evolution Sink Disposal. To start off, this is one of the most advanced disposals that you will find available on the market. The disposal features the exclusive MultiGrind technology.

This new technology allows homeowners to dispose of a wide variety of foods without ever worrying about clogs or jams. The disposal also uses a two-grind system, which really eliminates those tough to grind foods.

When you use this disposal for the first time, you are going to be blown away by how quite it operates. You will actually be able to have a conversation with other people, while the disposal is running. The unit’s combination of power, convenience, and silent operation makes it a great investment, while ensuring a satisfactory performance.

Notable Specs

  • Quieter than standard disposals
  • MultiGrind technology grinds almost any type of food
  • One of the easiest models to install
  • Comes with a 4-year warranty
  • Stainless steel grind components
  • Equipped with anti-vibration materials

Truly, InSinkErator is one of the market’s leading manufacturers of garbage disposals and the Evolution Compact ¾ shows why. The unit has everything you need to grind up almost any food and you’ll never have to worry about losing your hearing or wearing earplugs. Despite being a little costlier, the combination of features and benefits makes the price tag easily justifiable.

#4. InSinkErator Evolution Excel 1.0 HP Review

InSinkErator Evolution Excel 1.0 HP Household

Many homeowners are willing to spend extra, if they can acquire a better product that ensures a more impressive performance, additional reliability, and extensive longevity.

This is precisely what you’ll acquire with the purchase of the InSinkErator Evolution Excel. The unit features the innovative SoundSeal Technology, which ensures almost silent operation. It is substantially quieter than many of the alternatives on the market.

Also, the disposer incorporates the use of the Multi-Grind Technology. Your food waste will go through three grind stages to guarantee all foods can be grinded down to the bare minimum rapidly.

With the 1 HP Dura-Drive Induction Motor, you’ll never have to worry about the disposer getting bogged down by tough foods. The disposer is truly a powerhouse and will be able to handle anything you throw its way.

Notable Specs

  • Ultra-quiet operation, so you won’t need ear plugs
  • MultiGrind Technology ensures compatibility with almost all foods
  • Stainless steel grind chamber for additional longevity
  • 1 HP motor has very few limitations
  • Comes with a 7-year in-home limited warranty
  • Quick Lock sink mount makes installation a breeze

All in all, the InSinkErator Evolution Excel might be a little costlier than its competitors, but it truly excels in many key areas. If you’re looking for the best money can buy, adding the Evolution Excel to your kitchen should be a top priority.

#5. Waste King L-8000 Legend Series Continuous Feed Review

Waste King L-8000 Legend Series 1.0-Horsepower Continuous-Feed

The market is oversaturated with disposal units, but few can match the well-rounded performance of the Waste King L-8000. The unit features all of the characteristics you desire from a solid waste unit, including affordability, a 1 HP motor, and an effortless installation. The combination truly makes the L-8000 one of the more reliable and hardest working disposals on the market.

The 1 HP motor is capable of turning the blades at 2,800 RPM, so nothing will be able to bog it down or hinder its performance. The impellers are made from stainless steel, so they’ll withstand the test of time and will not rust.

In fact, the unit comes with a lifetime warranty against rust and corrosion. The grinding components are insulated and manufactured from stainless steel. This helps to decrease the noise output of the disposal. Also, the disposer features a fast-and-easy mount system. Thanks to the power cord and this system, most consumers will be able to install the disposer within minutes.

Notable Specs

  • 1 HP motor and 2,800 RPM of speed
  • Stainless steel components will not rust
  • Insulated for quiet operation
  • Installation is rapid and effortless
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty against rust and corrosion
  • Includes the power cord and mountain hardware

All in all, the Waste King L-8000 will prove to be a solid investment for the mass majority of consumers. It is surprisingly affordable, yet powerful, easy to install and fairly quiet. If you want one of the best garbage disposals, but refuse to break the bank, you cannot lose with the Waste King L-8000.

Benefits of Sink Disposals

best garbage disposal

Very Efficient – Garage disposals are capable of grinding up a homeowner’s food and making it more acceptable to the sewage treatment facility. This helps speed up the decomposition process and improve the facility’s efficiency.

Cost Savings – Many cities throughout the country are implementing mandatory use laws for disposals, due to their efficiency. They devices are capable of grinding up the food and making the duties of treatment facilities substantially easier, while also reducing operating costs. So, disposals can be cost saving additions for homeowners and communications.

Saves Time – Disposing of your garbage is never fun. Allowing it to sit around in your garbage can is even worse. Eventually, you’ll need to haul that garbage outside and pray that it doesn’t bust on the ground. The disposal provides you with additional convenience and helps to speed up the process. You can simply toss the waste in the sink and press the button. Within minutes, your waste will be gone.

Environmentally Friendly And No Pests – Nobody wants pests roaming throughout their home and everyone should be doing their part to protect the environment. The disposal gives you the ability to accomplish both goals easily and in a cost effective manner. The disposer helps to free up space in the landfill, while also preventing pests from entering your home.

Finding The Best Disposer

Before rushing in and purchasing the cheapest disposer you can find, there are several things to ask yourself. Be sure to answer the questions below, before moving forward.

Can a disposal be used legally and ethically in your area?

Those that make use of a municipal sewer system should take the time to call their local agency to learn more about their disposal policy. Does your local agency allow you to have a disposal? Some locations will actually require homeowners to acquire a permit, before they can install a disposer. Be sure to know the specifics, so you can abide by the laws and regulations of your local municipality.

How big is your septic tank?

Another thing to consider is your septic tank’s capacity. Depending on the current size of your septic tank, you may be required to make an upgrade, before using a disposer. Contacting a local building inspector is highly recommended. You can also consider consulting with an environmental health official. Both will be able to inspect your home’s septic tank and ensure its size is compatible with a garbage disposal. If it is not, you’ll find yourself getting the septic tank emptied more frequently than you normally should.

Are you happy with the additional water usage and is it worth it?

It is essential to remember that a sink disposal will require more water. Utilizing a disposer will increase your household’s monthly water usage, which will ultimately increase your water bill. Although most will rule out the installation of a disposal for this very reason, there are some benefits involved. Therefore, you will need to weigh the pros and cons and make sure the extra cost will be worth it in the end.

Can your plumbing handle it?

There is no doubt that a waste unit will put additional pressure on your home’s plumbing. Do you already have frequent plumbing problems such as clogs or backups? If so, you may want to steer clear of a disposer. Before installing a disposal, it is generally recommended that you have your septic tank inspected and emptied.

Prepare for potential problems and make rectifications, so your home’s plumbing and septic tank will be more than prepared for whatever comes their way.

Examining The Different Types Of Disposals

When taking the time to scour through the market’s array of garbage disposals, you’ll find various brands, types and specifications. This is certainly a misconception, because InSinkErator is actually responsible for manufacturing the mass majority of disposals on the market. They do so through various subsidiaries and use various names, but the same company makes most disposals. Nonetheless, there are some differentials and they’ll be explored below.

  • Batch-Feed Disposals

Batch feed disposers are a little more complicated than their competitors. In order to use one of these appliances, you’ll need to fill up the drain with waste, before switching on the machine. These disposers feature a stopper, which helps to keep the food inside, while keeping your fingers safe and sound.

Truly, batch-feed disposals are ideal for those that put safety above all else. Another benefit associated with these models is the fact that they can be installed rapidly and conveniently. No additional wiring is needed. Just plug the power cord into the outlet.

Unfortunately, batch feed disposers aren’t the most convenient or efficient. It is impossible to constantly add food into one of these disposers, due to the presence of the stopper. So, it’ll take longer to dispose of all of your waste with one of these models.

  • Continuous-Feed Disposals

If you want the most convenient and quickest waste removal, you’ll want a continuous feed model. Unfortunately, you’ll be required to give up a little safety to get it. As the name suggests, these disposals allow the user to continue adding waste to the drain even when the blades are spinning. The simplistic and rapid operation of the continuous feed disposal will make it ideal for some, but not all.

It is essential to remember that these disposers feature open necks, so there is a much bigger risk. A finger or hand could easily fit into the opening and this could end in a disaster. Also, there is a potential for debris and shards to fly out of the disposer’s opening. If you live with small children, you may want to avoid the continuous-feed models.

Exploring Features

kitchen sink waste unit

Once you’ve managed to work your way through the specific types, you’ll want to begin looking at the features of the disposals. Unfortunately, it is not recommended to make your decision based on these factors solely. Having additional features and innovative additions will not enhance the performance, longevity or durability of the disposal.

In fact, it is often true that the models, which have the most features, will also come with the shortest warranties. As long as the disposal is utilized as intended and properly maintained, it should be able to serve you for ten to twelve years. Below, you’ll find a breakdown of some of the most pertinent features to consider, when looking for a solid garbage disposal.

Auto-Reverse –Some of these appliances will feature an auto-reverse mode. This addition is recommended, since it can help to prevent problems, such as jams. The auto-reverse will force the blades to spin backwards to dislodge any debris, which has clogged or jammed the appliance.

Electric Power Cord – Not all disposals are equipped with electric power cords. If you opt for one that does not have a cord, it will need to be wired by hand. An electric power cord is beneficial, since it ensures you can perform and complete the installation without hiring a licensed electrician.

HP – The horsepower or HP rating of the disposal is also something to consider. Some of the cheaper models will have a HP rating of 1/2 to 1/3. These models will be able to handle certain hard foods, such as bones and soft waste. However, if you intend to put stubborn, solid foods down your disposal, you’ll want to purchase one with a higher HP. 1 to 1.25 HP is recommended for those that will use the disposal frequently and for harder substances.

Safety Covers –If you happen to live with small children, you’ll want to make sure your children are protected from the disposal’s blades. It is pertinent to make sure you choose a disposal, which features a safety cover. Most units do, so this should be too difficult to find.

Convenient Neck – Some disposals feature a quick mount neck. This innovative feature might not enhance the performance of the disposal, but it will make the installation process substantially easier.

Grinding Chamber –Carefully inspect the disposal’s grinding chamber. It is generally best to opt for one that is manufactured from stainless-steel, as this will enhance its durability and longevity. Any other material will wear out and be damaged much quicker.

Warranty – Lastly, it is absolutely pertinent to check out the warranty provided by the manufacturer. Most of these products will be covered by some type of warranty, but the length can vary significantly. Although a longer warranty won’t prevent future problems, it can make those problems much less complicated and less expensive. Suffice to say, a lengthier warranty is always recommended.

Tricks For Cleaning A Kitchen Disposal

One of the biggest difficulties associated with owning a disposal is the maintenance process. Since disposals cannot be removed easily and because the blades are so dangerous, it is essential to think outside of the box to get your disposal cleaned. kitchen sink waste unit can get smelly very quickly, so you’ll need to clean it frequently. Below, you’ll find a few tips for getting your disposal clean without risking your fingers.

Baking Soda and Vinegar – In all likelihood, you made the customary Volcano, during your youth and submitted it to the science fair. Well, the knowledge you learned regarding the interaction of baking soda and vinegar can be very beneficial now. By mixing these two ingredients together, you will be able to get your disposal clean within a matter of five to ten minutes.

Add the baking soda and then a little bit of vinegar. Allow the mixture to sit, until it begins to produce bubbles. Finally, run a little bit of hot water and you’re finished.

Try Ice – Surprisingly, ice can be very beneficial for remedying a stinky disposal. Just place a couple of cubes into the opening and turn on your water. Leave the water running for a few minutes. If you want to enhance the effectiveness of this technique, you may want to consider freezing vinegar into ice cubes. This will clean the disposal and eradicate the odor.

Lemons And Oranges – Lemons and oranges are delicious and they smell great too. They can both be very beneficial for homeowners, who need to spruce up a smelly disposal. Once you’ve consumed the fruit, you’ll want to cut the peels into small pieces and place them in your disposal.

Flip on the water and switch on the disposal. Within minutes, your disposal will begin emitting a powerful citrus aroma and the hideous odor will be eliminated.


At the end of the day, disposals have an interesting history, which has saw their manufacturers and original developers overcome many obstacles. Today, these products are widely accepted and they’re more reliable and versatile than ever before.

Of course, not all disposers are equal. Some are better than others, so it is absolutely essential to weigh the pros and cons, before making your purchase. Take your time, evaluate your options and make sure you put in the effort. This is truly the only way to ensure you make the right choice for your money.

The Benefits Of Owning A Home Disposal

Despite the information available, some homeowners will still fail to understand the benefits of owning a disposal. Many households have never used a disposer, so they have no real experience with these appliances. Until you’ve owned and have used one of these products for yourself, you’ll never truly understand and value its benefits or the convenience it provides.

Although the kitchen sink waste unit may be beneficial for your municipality, it will also prove to be advantage for you and your family. All households produce a significant amount of waste. Eventually, that waste will need to be eliminated in one way or another. It is possible to toss the trash in a bag and set it outside, until a garage collector comes and carries it away.

You can also compost the waste and use it for soil and other purposes. Finally, you can wash away the waste, after it has been finely grinded by your disposal. When comparing the disposal to the other methods, you’ll find that there are certain benefits with the disposer than cannot be found elsewhere. These will be explored in greater depth below.

Comparing Waste/Garbage Disposal to Other Methods

  • A disposal helps you utilize less plastic, since you won’t need so many garbage bags.
  • You’ll be doing your part in reducing greenhouse gases. Your waste won’t be sitting in a landfill, so it won’t hurt the environment.
  • Your waste will be transport to the water treatment facility, where it will be transformed into fertilizer and used for energy.
  • The disposer helps you rid your home of germs. Since your garbage isn’t sitting around in a bag, you won’t have to worry so much about ants, gnats or roaches.
  • A disposal can provide you with additional convenience. Once the disposal is up and running, you’ll be able to eliminate the mass majority of your food waste directly down the sink. This will result in fewer trips to the roadside with your garbage bag in tow.
  • You’ll be able to save time. Nobody wants to spend twenty minutes every day cleaning up their kitchen and disposing of their garbage. With the disposal, the majority of the waste can be flushed down the sink, which is substantially faster than the alternatives.
  • Homes, which do not have disposals, are much more likely to experience plumbing problems. This is the case, because more food scraps will be flushed down the sink. This won’t be a problem, if you install a disposal. The appliance will grind up the waste and make it much safer for your plumbing.

Overall, homeowners will experience a handful of benefits, once they embrace and install a disposer in their kitchens. Just remember that not all homes are compatible with these appliances. There are numerous factors to consider and you’ll want to make sure your local laws actually allow you to have a disposer, before making the investment.

Things To Consider When Purchasing

Before attempting to purchase one of these products, it is truly vital to research and contemplate. If you make a wrong choice, you may experience problems immediately. You may not be able to get the appliance installed conveniently enough or you may not be able to use the disposer as desired.

Numerous factors will play a role in determining the overall performance of the appliance and the satisfaction you experience from it. When attempting to make your purchase, be sure to analyze the factors below, so you can make the right choice.

Price – When it comes down to it, a lot of homeowners will look at the price and nothing else. This can prove to be very problematic. Although the cost is undoubtedly an important factor, you should never make your decision based on the price tag only. Doing so may result in acquiring a cheaper product, which is simply unable to live up to your expectations. While it won’t always ring true, the cheapest disposers are not always the best. With this in mind, you shouldn’t be afraid to splurge, in order to acquire a better and more reliable product.

Installation Process –Although it depends solely on the specific model in question, most disposals can be installed fairly easily. This is especially true, if you happen to choose a model that is equipped with a traditional power cord. By selecting one of these models, you’ll most likely be able to perform the install on your own. The quick-mount neck can also make the installation substantially easier.

If you have a nearby outlet and want to perform the installation yourself, be sure to choose a disposal that is equipped with the quick-mount neck and a regular power plug. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself hiring a professional electrician and this will increase the initial cost to some degree.

The HP – Each disposal will come with a horsepower rating. It is no secret that the HP rating specifies the power and overall capability of the unit. A lower HP will result in a less powerful disposer and vice versa. 1/3 HP is the lowest you can go and opting for a less powerful disposer will save you money, but it’ll ultimately result in more problems and more frequent jams. ½ HP is ultimately a little better, but it might not be able to grind up hard substances, such as bones.

If you want the best performance and wish to use your disposal for all food wastes, opting for a 1 horse power disposer or higher is recommended.

Septic Tank Compatible –Not all garbage disposals are suitable for homes that use septic tanks. However, some are. These specific models are equipped with bio-charge injection technology. This will inject a chemical into the waste that will make it degrade a little bit faster. This helps to ensure that your septic tank doesn’t become full and need emptied so quickly. If you use a septic tank and want a disposal, it is pertinent to opt for one of these models. If you do not, you will experience an abundance of problems in the near future.

Noise Level – All disposals are going to produce some level of noise. The motor inside of the appliance runs at high speeds, so it is nearly impossible to find a silent disposer. However, some are a little less annoying than others. If you want to be able to use your disposal without wearing earplugs, you should look for one that features noise insulation. The insulation will keep the noise isolated and limit the audible sound emitted throughout your kitchen.

Appearance – When scouring through the available disposals, many homeowners will attempt to choose one that is sleek and stylish. Although you may feel this way initially, you shouldn’t. The truth of the matter is that the disposal will be installed in a concealed location and will rarely be seen by your guests. So, does the appearance really matter? No. Choose one that you like personally, but don’t worry about the appearance and style too much.

Brand And Warranty – Another thing to take into consideration is the brand and the warranty. The two work hand-in-hand. A lengthy warranty will matter very little, if the company isn’t reliable and won’t follow through on their promises. So, make sure you put a great deal of effort researching the company in question, until you’re able to find one that will prove to reliable and responsive.

Once you’ve done that, you’ll want to look at the warranties offered. A longer warranty is recommended and you shouldn’t be afraid to spend more in order to get it. All in all, rushing this purchase will prove to be a major mistake and will ultimately backfire terribly. Don’t make this mistake. Carefully research each product and put in a solid amount of effort. This is the only way to avoid future problems and ensure your money has been well spent.

InSinkErator Evolution Excel – MultiGrind Technology

If you have a little extra money saved back to invest in a kitchen sink waste unit, you should definitely consider the InSinkErator Evolution Excel. This model is designed to provide homeowners with reliability, durability, quieter operation, and a finely ground waste consistency.

One of the Evolution’s most notable features is the MultiGrind Technology. This technology not only eliminates clogged drains, but ensures a fine consistency every single time. Basically, the grinding process is broken down into three different stages. The food waste must undergo three grinding processes, before it is ready to be flushed down the drained.

While, this model may have a higher price tag than many of the competitor brands, it could potentially save you a lot of money in the long run. A clogged drain will force many homeowners into hiring a licensed plumber. As you well know, the plumber will charge an hourly fee for all services provided. The clog can be located anywhere in the drainage system, so finding it may take several hours and this is not to mention the repair costs.

With this innovative technology, you will never need to worry about what type of food that feed into the chute. Remember that there are specific food products that should never be introduced to your septic tank or sewage system. Another extraordinary feature embedded into the Evolution Excel is the Jam Sensor. When the sensor is triggered, the torque will automatically be increased to eliminate the jam.

Batch Feed Operation Garbage Disposals

While, continuous feed garbage disposals offer more convenience than batch feed garbage disposals, they do not offer as much safety. When using a batch feed operation garbage disposal, you never risk getting your fingers caught in the grinding blades or food flying all over the room.

These models are not in the operation mode, when the user is placing the food waste down the chute. Instead, the waste is fed into the chute, before the drain cap is secured into place. Once the drain cap is snapped into place, the motor will automatically switch on. By this time your fingers will be a safe distance away and totally free of any potential danger.

The batch feed model is definitely more suitable for homes with small children, plus they were designed with the operator’s safety in mind. It is difficult to find a batch feed operation garbage disposal on the market, with a positive customer rating.

The Waste King Legend 8000TC is one of the few batch feed models, with positive reviews and these are probably contributed to powerful grinding blades and onboard motor. When you combine these two features together, it is obvious that the end result will be a finely ground consistency.

The 1 HP motor will produce continuous power that will not bog down, even under the most extreme conditions. This volume of power will eliminate the risk of clogs, which is very important to all homeowners. There is one downside to these garbage disposers and that is the fact that the drain cap must be secured properly, in order for it to function.

The cap must be positioned properly in the right spot and secured tightly or the appliance will not switch on. It is also important to note that water is not utilized during the grinding process, since there is no way for it to enter the chamber. Many of the batch feed models have a bulky design, which means that a large space is going to be needed for installation.

It is also slightly heavy making it a little more difficult to handle, plus extra support may be needed to prevent the sink and kitchen counter from caving in. The Waste King Legend 8000TC comes with a 7-year manufacturer’s warranty to give consumers peace of mind.

Compact kitchen sink waste unit that offer Affordability

kitchen sink waste unit have definitely evolved over the last few decades, thanks to technology and design. Today, consumers have an unlimited array of brands to select from, with varying price tags. Consumers have no legitimate reason why they cannot invest in a high-quality garbage disposal.

The name brand models will cost you anywhere from $150-180 easy, but this is not to say that they are any better than the generic brands. Most consumers are under the impression that when investing in a cheaper model, the risk of a short life span is inevitable.

This is a huge misconception, because many of the cheaper models offer the same benefits, if not more than name brand models. Instead of focusing on the price tag, you should focus more your needs and preferences.  For instance, if you have a small family with 2-3 members, a cheaper model will be suitable for your needs. However, larger families will need to invest in a model that has a ¾ to 1 HP onboard motor.

This upgrade is a necessity, since you will be grinding up a large quantity of food wastes at least 2-3 times a day. Budget models are most often equipped with a ½ HP motor, which is suitable for moderate amounts of food wastes. When comparing different budget models, it is obvious that the KitchenAid KCDB250G is going to be your best option. Consumers around the world have invested in this model and many of them took the time to write a descriptive review.

The feedback is positive, if not impressive, this not only proves its reliability, but puts it on a higher level than the competitor budget models. It is important to note that this garbage disposal is only equipped with a ½ HP motor, which is not as powerful as the ¾ HP motor, but many have found it suitable for their needs.

When comparing the KitchenAid KCDB250G with the InSinkErator Badger 5, you will see the similarities instantly, if you read the description carefully.

The KitchenAid is backed by a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty, while the Badger 5 is backed by a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty. It appears that the InSinkErator has been tainted with a leaky chamber, which does not exist with the KCDB250G model.

The Badger 1 is another compact garbage disposal that is perfect for kitchens with limited space. However, both the Badger 5 and Badger 1 have been noted as having a high operation noise level. This may be linked to an inadequate grinding chamber seal and insulation, but this is only an assumption and not a fact.

All three of these models are very easily to install and will fit perfectly into compact spaces. A notable downside to investing in a compact garbage disposal is the small grinding chamber. This will definitely limit how much food waste you can grind with each use.

A Garbage Disposal That Is Septic Tank Friendly

Residential septic tanks do not connect directly to a main pipeline that leads back to a treatment plant. These are basically independent systems that operate efficiently, if utilized properly. Septic tanks vary in size, depending on the size of the home. For instance, 1,000-1,500 square feet homes will fair very well with a 200-300 gallon septic tank. Whereas, a 2,000 square feet home will require a 500-gallon septic tank, but this does not mean that the occupants will not need to monitor what they flush down the drain.

In order to keep the plumping pipes clear and prevent frequent septic tank emptying, food wastes should not be introduced to the drainage system. In order to decrease these risks, many homeowners have taken it upon themselves to avoid garbage disposals. Well, believe it or not, there is now a garbage disposal available on the market that will reduce, if not eliminate the risks all together.

The InSinkErator Evolution Septic Assist has the ability to break food wastes down into a more suitable form for septic tanks. The unit is embedded with a “Bio-Charge” cartridge that injects enzymes into the unit, during the grinding process.

The enzyme contains microorganisms that will breakdown the finely ground food wastes. It also has a pleasant fresh citrus scent that will definitely eliminate odors. The Bio-Charge solution comes in a replaceable 16-ounce container, which attaches directly to the garbage disposal.

When combining the Bio-Charge enzyme treatment with the two-stage grinding process, there will be no end to the possibilities and this is not to even mention the on board ¾ HP motor. This motor is capable of producing continuous power and maintaining it, even when grinding tough meats and potato peels.

The InSinkErator Evolution Septic Assist is definitely an innovative garbage disposal that is perfect for all homes, with a septic tank. The price tag is already friendly, but when you consider the 4-year manufacturing warranty that covers replacement parts and labor costs, the price gets even friendlier.